How are your patients being transported?

Discover how our innovative patented design will change the way you transport patients and their belongings. Proudly made in the USA!


Why Choose the CarryAll?

 • Ergonomically designed to federal OSHA standards.


 • Minimize discharge time and labor costs.

 • Quick return on investment.

 • Accomodates more obese patients than wheelchairs.

 • Footprint of conventional wheelchair on standby.

 • Virtually indestructable and maintenance free.

 • Fail-safe braking system with optional parking brake.

 • Stored I.V. pole and oxygen receptacle.

 • Eliminates theft and constant repair with wheelchairs.

 • Substantial storage space for patient belongings.

 • 12 year unconditional warranty.

The Ultimate Tranportation Cart Is The Patented CarryAll!

Today's constantly rising costs are forcing healthcare institutions to maximize the use of their equipment and staff. After several years of accumulating data from hospital personnel, we have designed and patented a concept that provides maximum efficiency when transporting patients.

U.S. Patent

  • Vertical Push Handles
  • Storage Tray
  • Large Luggage Area
  • Failsafe Brake
  • IV Holder (either side; integrated storage)
  • Oxygen Receptacle
  • Seat Belt
  • Non Mar Wheels
  • Quiet Ride
  • Logo and Department Name Decals
  • 12 Year Unconditional Warranty



Proudly Made
in the USA! 

Don't just take our word for it...

Read these testimonials from hospitals using CarryAlls or earlier models
“We originally purchased eight TransAlls (earlier model) to be utilized primarily for patient discharges, and we have purchased an additional eight carts. Since implementing the patient carts, we have developed other uses for the carts: i.e., Intra-Hospital Patient Transfers, Movement of Patient Belongings, and Patient Admissions With Luggage.”

“The benefits we have derived include allowing for movement of patients and belongings at the same time, eliminating the necessity of pushing a wheelchair and maneuvering a separate cart with belongings, thus reducing the risk of muscle pulls and/or strains due to awkward positions, and further, it eliminates the need to dispatch two attendants when a large volume of luggage or belongings is indicated... the patient carts have impacted our staff quite favorably.”
“We are delighted to be utilizing your TransAll carts (earlier model) for the patients at our hospital. We initiated the use of the cart on just one floor but other patients have observed the cart and have inquired as to why it is not available for them. Patients relish not having to ride in a standard wheelchair. Our staff is also enthralled with the TransAll because it makes their jobs easier and it brings good comments from the patients. The TransAll is also cost effective because in cases where we would ordinarily use two staff members to discharge a patient, we now use only one staff member with the cart.”
“The TransAll (earlier model) that you modified to enclose patients so they are protected from the wind, rain, snow and cold is working very well and it fulfills our need when transporting patients and their belongings from one building to another or for inter-department transfers. By using the TransAll, we negate the need for more than one employee when transporting patients with luggage, gifts, flowers, hanging clothes or other personal items. We are confident that we have made a wise investment that will provide us with a quick and substantial return on investment.”

Some hospitals using patient carts: 
University of Michigan Hospital - Ann Arbor, MI

Emory University Hospital - Atlanta, GA

University of Texas Medical Center - Galveston, TX

Hamilton Medical Center - Dalton, GA

Greater Southwest Community Hospital - Washington, DC

Lexington Medical Center - West Columbia, SC

Rowan County Hospital - Decatur, GA

Los Angeles Community Hospital - Los Angeles, CA

Columbus Regional Healthcare - Columbus, GA

Archbald Memorial Hospital - Thomasville, GA

Central Carolina Hospital - Sanford, NC

DCH Regional Hospital - Tuscaloosa, AL

Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center - Ft. Walton Beach, FL

Harris Methodist Hospital - Ft. Worth, TX

Cape Fear Valley Medical Center - Fayetteville, NC

East Orange General Hospital - East Orange, NJ

Erlanger Health System - Chattanooga, TN

Grady Health System - Atlanta, GA

Harris Methodist Hospital - Houston, TX

MD Anderson Cancer Center - Houston, TX

Harris Methodist Hospital - Stephenville, TX

Mercy Medical Center - Dubuque, IA

Norman Regional Hospital - Norman, OK

Oregon Health University - Portland, OR

Piedmont Hospital - Atlanta, GA

Rio Grande Regional Hospital - McAllen, TX

Spartanburg Regional Medical Center - Spartanburg, SC

Regional Medical Center - Orangeburg, SC

Wesley Woods Hospital - Atlanta, GA

Leesburg Regional Medical Center - Leesburg, FL

Memorial Medical Center - Savannah, GA

North Carolina University Hospital - Chapel Hill, NC

Palmetto Health Medical Center - Columbia, SC

Presbyterian Hospital - Dallas, TX

Jackson Park Hospital & Medical Center - Chicago, IL

Veterans Administration Hospital - New Haven, CT

*Some of the above hospitals are using a previous model, some of which are made from fiberglass.

Who Are We?

The company behind the best patient transportation carts in the industry

CarryAll Patient Cart Systems has worked hard to develop the best patient transport carts in the industry.  Various models of our carts have been provided to medical facilities for over 20 years and we have continued to develop and innovate our product with input from our valued customers.

Our mission is to create, produce and market the best possible products for transporting patients and the handicapped along with their belongings and other items. We strive to provide significant cost savings to the hospital, airline and hospitality industries both domestically and abroad, thus generating profitability for our customers, employees and shareholders as well as funding for worthy humanitarian projects both within and outside our country.


If you have an inquiry or would like a demo, please contact us via the form below or call 1-800-916-1934